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RE-03(Noise Killer)
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Noise Killer is a noise reduction effect, mainly used to remove noise.Whether it's noise in the use of gain, noise in the connection of equipment such as cables, or in the suppression of steady-state or dynamic noise, Noise Killer is unmatched in the pedal world! It adopts a sophisticated design to perfectly attenuate the noise generated in the use of various equipment and preserve the original and natural sound to the greatest extent. Open the front panel and you'd be forgiven for thinking the noise killer is one of the easiest pedals available. In fact, it is very flexible when it comes to remove unwanted noise. It comes with a threshold knob that allows you to adjust parameters,preserving the most authentic sound as you like.

Dimensions: 112mm (D) x 60mm (W) X 45mm (H).

weight: 350g.

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