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Product details

The ‘Dumble’ pedal is remastered with an ancient Dumble amplifier simulator, which delivers a classic cream overload sound that can't be missed.

You can adjust the sound with gain, tone and master volume knobs.

These features give you the best control over your desired results.

This great value pedal also adds a crunchy overload and allows you to adjust the color of the overload sound

Metal shell

Very small and exquisite

True bypass


Input: 1/4” monaural jack (impedance: 10k Ohms)

Output: 1/4” monaural jack (impedance: 1k Ohms)

Power requirements: DC 9V(Negative center)

Current draw: 3 mA

Dimensions: 75mm (D) x 37mm (W) X 37mm (H).

Weight: 245g (With box)

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