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Product details


1. High-quality tone,sampling rate 48k,16bit.

2. 2.4G uncompress audio transfer.

3. The transmission distance is about 30 meters.

4. Used in electric guitars and acoustic products

. 5. Use AAA battery.

6. Easy to use,plug and play.

7. Support one to one transmission, 6 grounds transmitter and receiver work at the same time.

8. Ultra short delay.

9. Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥105DB.

Using method

1, When you turn on the transmitter and receiver of the power switch, the red lights start flashing, the device enters the state of the connection.

2, The transmitter and receiver will be automatically connected and the red light to remain bright if the transmitter and receiver have been matched before,

3, if the transmitter and the receiver has not previously been paired good, long pressing paired transmitters and receivers over 3 seconds, the transmitter and the receiver of the red light flashes quickly, then release the button, the transmitter and the receiver will automatically paired,completing pairing will automatic connection and connection red lantern to maintain constant light.

4, Once the pairing is successful, it will be matched with a pair of memory.Don't need to repeat the reboot after matching operation.

5, In order to not affect your use, please replace the battery in time when the green light is lit up in use process.

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